For When Circumstances Change

rentAssured protects your rental investment following tenant default:

  • Payment of Rent
  • Rent Recovery
  • Legal Assistance
  • Helpline

We’ll pay the rent, if they don’t.

At RentAssured we understand the risk missed rent poses to you as a landlord.

As well as lost income, the cost of arrears can rack up as you chase for payment, go through the eviction process and struggle to make mortgage payments on your investment.

But when you’re covered by our landlord insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about any of this.

“I'd like to thank you very much for the very professional and sympathetic way you have handled this claim for me. Being an accidental landlord I had no idea what to do when my tenant refused to pay their rent.  Until it happened I didn’t appreciate the effects this default would have both in terms of the financial impact and also the stress involved.  My tenant refused to engage in any of my communications and I was lost on what to do next. Thankfully, rentAssured took control of the situation, taking the time to walk me through the claims process but also explaining the steps involved with the RTB.  Importantly they guided me on aspects that could negatively impact on getting possession of my property back. The end result is that I have received all my rent back and also correctly and legally managed to resolve the situation to enable me to re-let my property.  Thank you for your great work and sympathetic touch.  It was a huge comfort during a difficult experience.  It’s my belief you cannot better what is already an excellent service.  You have a customer for life.”

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