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Protecting yourself from missed rent payments starts before any contracts are signed. By thoroughly checking your tenants before you hand over the keys, you’re helping to reduce risk to your rental investment.

As part of your cover, we provide expert support on tenant checks for both existing and prospective tenants. At the start of your cover, we’ll provide guidance and instructions on how to complete a thorough tenant check.

How it works

For prospective/future tenants, we’ll provide you with a Tenant Check facility that will greatly assist in getting the right tenant on board:

  • You must have the prospective tenant complete the Tenant Application Form, which will be sent to you after you purchase a policy.
  • Once the tenant has completed the form and provided you with all 3 documents required to accompany that form, simply log on to your account and Tenant Check the potential tenant. The check may take up to 24 hours but once the status changes to “Approved”, you are covered if you proceed with that tenant. If you receive a “Declined” then you must proceed to your second choice prospective tenant as cover cannot be granted where a tenant is not approved.
  • 2 Tenant Checks Tenant Checks are given free with the purchase of each policy. You may purchase additional Tenant Checks while in your “My Account”.

For existing tenants all you need to do is declare to us that:

  • the existing tenant at the property has, to date, paid all rent due properly and on time, in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement;
  • the existing tenant at the property has, to date, kept the property in a good state of repair, and you know of no deliberate or Malicious Damage caused to the property during the life of the Tenancy Agreement; and
  • full and proper referencing of the tenant had been conducted prior to entering into the Tenancy Agreement, and no adverse results were returned.
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